About Ballet Fedotov


Ballet Fedotov is the only tour company with its own choreography based on classical ballet and contemporary choreography. Each performance is an original and unique masterpiece created by the owner Vadim Fedotov, one of the most talented former Soviet choreographers. Mr. Fedotov employs Vaganova's method and every one of his works carries out Russian ballet traditions.

Vadim Fedotov creates new performances for ballet schools and for professional ballet companies. This years performances include; "Cinderella" for Lone Star Ballet and Russian Academy of Ballet, "The Nutcracker 2007" for International City School of Georgia and RAB, "Merry Widow" for Municipal Opera in Kiev in July 2007, and a special presentation of "Gershwin in Ukraine" for the National Opera of Ukraine in October 2007.

"My choreography, my passion, is based on both dancers' and audience's emotions, and when both sides become emotionally equal and their hearts are filled with harmony, I've reached my goal as a choreographer," says Mr. Fedotov.

  • Cinderella
  • Hamlet
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • My Giselle
  • The Mermaid
  • The Nutcracker
  • Great Gershwin
  • West Side Story (ballet version)
  • Elisabeth Maurin - Etoile National Opera of Paris
  • Irina Dvorovenko - Principal ABT (American Ballet Theatre), Gold medal Int.Bal.Comp.
  • Maxim Beloserkovsky - Principal ABT
  • Yan Chen - ABT
  • Sergiy Mikhaylov - Principal Sarasota Ballet, Laureat Int.Bal.Comp.
  • Lauren Strongin - Principal Sarasota Ballet
  • Andres Estevez - Principal Orlando Ballet
  • Stephanie Murish - Lone Star Ballet, Laureat Int.Bal.Comp.
  • Daniil Gaifullin - Lone Star Ballet
  • Joseph Gatti - Cincinati Ballet, Gold medal Int.Bal.Comp.
  • Darya Fedotova - Sarasota Ballet
  • Katrina Fedotova - Ballet Fedotov
Original Choreography by Vadim Fedotov

Original Choreography by Vadim Fedotov (Guest Choreographer)

  • Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Music by V. Kireyko (Classical Ballet, Ukraine)
  • The Mermaid, Music by A. Kostin (National Theater Opera and Ballet of Ukraine)
  • Merry Widow, Music by Legar (National Theater Opera and Ballet of Serbia)
  • Romeo and Juliet, Music by P. Tchaikovsky (Nat. Theater of Serbia)
  • 1812, music by P. Tchaikovsky (Nat, Theat. of Serbia)
  • Francesca de Remini, music by P. Tchaikovsky (Nat. T. of Serbia)
  • Hamlet, music by P. Tchaikovsky (Ballet Fedotov, USA)
  • My Giselle, music by F. Chopine (Ballet Fedotov, USA)
  • Cinderella, music by S. Prokofiev (RAB, USA)
  • Gershwin Greats, music by G. Gershwin (SBT, USA)
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, music by Pavlovsky (RAB, USA)
  • The Nutcracker, music by P. Tchaikovsky (RAB, USA)
  • West Side Story, music by L. Bernstein (OCB, USA)

Ballet films (Ukraine)

  • Carmen, music by Bize-Tchedrine
  • Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Music by V. Kireyko
  • The Reminiscences, classical composers
  • Antic Classics

Ballet on Ice for Ice skating dancers (full version)

  • Carmen
  • The Nutcracker
  • La Felle Mal Gardee

Restaging of Classical Ballets (USA)

  • Giselle
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Swan Lake